1) United Gym will not be held responsible for any damage resulting from an injury incurred by the customer following the use of its equipment or the training of the subscriber except if it results from the personal act of the merchant or his representatives.

2) United Gym is not liable for any theft or loss of items in the locker rooms, except if this is the result of its own personal act or that of its representative. The member must clear the locker upon departure.

3) The minimum age to be able to train or participate in group classes is 15 years old. The parent must be present when signing the contract and all other documents related to the subscription.

4) The access card is reserved for the registered member only. Use of it by another person will result in immediate cancellation of the contract.

5) The contract is transferable under certain conditions. Charges are applicable.

6) A membership freeze is available. Fees are applicable and the duration cannot exceed three (3) months.

7) NSF: In case of returned check(s), the fees collected by our banking institution will be billed to you.

8) Group lessons are officially given if the person in charge judges that the number of participants is sufficient. Schedule and instructors are subject to change.

9) The payments entered in the contract must continue to be paid until the end of the contract even if the member no longer uses the facilities of the center except in the case where the termination occurs within a period of less than or equal to 1/10 of the expected duration of the contract, hence according to the Consumer Protection Act, we will charge you 10% of the total cost of your membership.

10) Instructions on the use of certain equipment and/or access to the aerobic room must be followed at all times.

The client accepts full responsibility for damage caused to the gym’s equipment and facilities if used negligently. He agrees to use the equipment properly, to return it to its intended location after use, and not to drop the weights and dumbbells.

12) United Gyms reserves the right to temporarily close the premises for maintenance or renovations and to change opening hours with a notice posted at the gym.

13) If the member does not respect the terms of his contract, United Gym is entitled to terminate his membership without notice or compensation.


1) It is mandatory to present your access card at each visit. A fee of ten dollars ($10.00 + tax) will be charged to replace the member’s access card when broken, stolen or lost.

2) Sports clothes and dry and clean running shoes are mandatory on the training platforms. Jeans are prohibited. Access to the gym with wet or dirty sandals or outdoor shoes will be refused. Men: Wearing a t-shirt is mandatory.

3) The towel is mandatory at all times.

4) Bags (sports bag, satchel or other) as well as coats are forbidden on the training platforms and in the group fitness rooms.

5) For group lessons, it is compulsory to bring your own towel and clean your weights, accessories and/or bicycle at the end of each lesson.

6) Only private trainers authorized by United Gym can train members. Any other person exercising the role of private trainer will not be tolerated under any conditions and will be immediately expelled from the gym.

7) It is strictly forbidden to smoke or consume drugs in the gym.

8) No aggressive or unacceptable behavior towards staff or customers will be tolerated.

9) It is mandatory to take a shower before using the sauna. It is important not to leave anything lying around in the showers.

10) Children are not allowed on the training platforms.

11) The Kids’ corner service is offered to members only, a 24-hour advance reservation is required. For children from 3 to 18 months, 2 places per hour are available for a maximum of one (1) hour, for 18 months and older, 4 places are available for a maximum of one and a half hours (1.5hrs). The attendant can refuse any child who is ill or has an inappropriate behavior. The attendant is under no obligation to change a child’s diaper. This service can be suspended or cancelled at any time. United Gym is not responsible for children left unsupervised outside of supervised hours.

12) In the event of a superior force, United Gym is not liable for any breach of its obligations under this contract, if it is prevented or delayed in the performance of these obligations by a case of superior force.

13) 1 person membership includes extra month (13 months for the price of 12 months) AND a free branded United Gyms t-shirt. If membership is cancelled within 36 days of signup, United Gyms reserves the right to charge an additional $30 fee.